Catalog ZDR 103
Format CD (EP)
Release 2024
State Soon
- Track List -
01. 魂の召集
02. 玉砕
03. 臨死らむとせし
04. 襲来
05. 鉄魂の雨
06. 霊魂の失効
- Info -
Back from the depths of Okinawan graves, dead souls chant occult folklore tales from the ancient Ryukyu realms. Seiden is the only Black Metal band existent in Okinawa (JP), strongly sourced by original and edgy black metal (from Mayhem to Portal), with powerful drums, 8 sting guitars and evilish undertone vocals the sonic experience of Seiden is similar to deep diving into an ocean of ghosts and shadows. Seiden is playing live with traditional Okinawa Taiko and Shamisen which crafts a unique atmosphere unique to the undergrounds of Okinawa.

On the East China Sea coast of Okinawa, as the tide rises and the moon reflects off the flattened surface of the water, the haunted spirits of dead soldiers come from the depths and haunt the graveyards of the villagers. Forced to fight for eternity in the afterlife, these spirits, along with visions of suffering and war, bring terror and madness to those who pass through the gates of death. After the war, villages, cities, and hotels were built on land where the bones and remains of ancestors who died in bloodshed and terror. Okinawa is a huge graveyard of souls forced to fight for eternity. The Ryukyu Spiritual Warfare Invasion" was documented in the land of the Battle of Okinawa, where hundreds of thousands of soldiers died in the name of human madness.