FC - Industrial Society and Its Future (Paragraphs 42-110)

Catalog ZDR 094
Format CD (Full-lenght)
Release October 30th, 2023
State Available
- Track List -
01. Autonomy (Paragraphs 42-44)
02. Sources of Social Problems (Paragraphs 45-58)
03. Disruption of the Power Process in Modern Society (Paragraphs 59-76)
04. How Some People Adjust (Paragraphs 77-86)
05. The Motives of Scientists (Paragraphs 87-92)
06. The Nature of Freedom (Paragraphs 93-98)
07. Some Principles of History (Paragraphs 99-110)
- Info -
A second "mail" sent from deep woods in Nagano, Japan. This is a cold black metal album like snow-covered greens germinated in a crack on the crust of the ruthless techno-industrial system. FC is consistently anti-technological and revolutionary, built on inorganic and ruthless primordial sounds. Manifesto: THE member of FC. Everything other than the manifesto: A member of FC.