DAEMONIAN - The Frost Specter’s Wrath

Catalog ZDR 090
Format CD (Full-lenght)
Release January 30, 2023
State Soon
- Track List -
01. Back from the Oblivion
02. King of the Daemons
03. Hatred Kills Sorrow
04. The Root of All Evil
05. Northern Darklights (Instrumental)
06. Blizzard Blast
07. Eternal Black Winter
08. The Frost Specter's Wrath
- Info -
The Melodic Black Metal Band "DAEMONIAN" is one of the solo project by trample the world LORD METAL. DAEMONIAN released his second full album after 5 years. A full-fledged work with speed, brutality, and frigid melody that far surpasses the debut album "Endless Corridor". Fully respect the 90's Swedish Black & Death Metal band's, take over the cursed dark inheritance, and invade the world with merciless cold!