Besatt - Supreme and True at Night

Catalog ZDR 089
Format CD (Full-lenght)
Release December 19th, 2022
State Available
- Track List -
01. Satan
02. There He Comes
03. Goodless
04. Bafomet's Legacy
05. Rex Satanas
06. Lilith
07. Brass Gates
08. Kyrie Eleison
- Info -
After a 4-year break since the release of the last album, the Polish Horde released its latest creation under the mysterious title S.A.T.A.N. This is by far the most thoughtful and compositionally complex Besatt production in their history. At the same time, it is atmospheric and brutal and full of an ominous atmosphere, phrases and symbolism. Despite its sterility and meticulously refined production, its aesthetics are in no way inferior to the finest black metal hymns.