Charlotte The Harlot - Soaks in Curse

Catalog ZDR 087
Format CD (Full-length)
Release November 7th, 2022
State Available
- Track List -
01. Abandoned
02. Grudge Blow
03. The Oni Time
04. Forest Six Technology
05. Obsession with Beauty
06. Agamogir (the curse)
07. Gremlins Night
08. Red Jacket
09. A New Target
10. Never Ends
- Info -
Original style black heavy metal and revenge story. Penetrate the black part of your heart and get pleasure. This music snuggles up to the weakened heart and erodes it. Let's share the unforgettable impression once heard. CHARLOTTE THE HARLOT's first full album has been completed. Don't underestimate the curse of Japan.