Hanormale - 天照大御神

Catalog ZDR 081
Format CD (Full-length)
Release May 5th, 2022
State Available
- Track List -
1. 天照大御神

Bonus Tracks : (from ‘Reborn In Butterfly’ album)
2. It is happening again
3. Like a Hug, Darkness embrace us all
4. Satan is a Status Symbol (from ‘Oni Monogatari, a subsequent decade’ album)

Bonus Tracks : (from ‘Oni Monogatari, a subsequent decade’ album)
5. The Oni (kanabo kanabo o motsu)
6. God Dog Inugami
7. Tengu love’s Poetry
- Info -
天照大御神 is a disturbed journey into your consciousness. It’s smudged, distorted and delayed beyond recognition. Whats left are traces – the ghosts and outlines of songs, trapped in a fog of white noise and overdrive – and the end result is disarmingly serene..
Arcanus Incubus contacts drummer Marco Zambruni (memorable drummer of grinder Brainwash) asking him if he could play blast beat at 170 bpm for 40 minutes without a break. Marco accepts the challenge and after some training time, the two guys meet and record the drum tracks.
At this rate other musicians played bass, piano, sax, flute, viola, violin, industrial percussion and didgeridoo, listening to the preceding tracks, extemporizes 40 minutes with his instrument, running the risk of entering the no return abyss of madness. HANORMALE pieced together single 40 minutes track album that is as reflective as it is mesmerizing.
In this special edition there are some bonus tracks taken from other 2 Hanormale releases:
- ‘Reborn in Butterfly’ (composed on the drums improvisations by Mox Cristadoro (former drummer of Monumentum), enriched by Marco Zambruni with a drums with 8 snares and arranged by the rest of the band)
- Oni Monogatari (the first 2010 Hanormale’s release, a concept album about Japanese demonology, restored in 2020 by producer Carlo Meroni, at ADSR DECIBEL Studio)