Hanormale - The Cathartic Anointing of Heterodoxy in Resilience (a Black Metal Rhapsody)

Catalog ZDR 080
Format CD (Full-length)
Release May 5th, 2022
State Available
- Track List -
00. Arecibo Interstellar
01. Siate La Stilla
02. Homo Homini Deus/Porcus
03. The Salaryman (with a Metal Drill Penis)
04. Solipsism Nyctophilia
05. Meal of Justice (Revenge of the Old Dying Horse)
06. Mamedanuki
07. Kioku no Rekka, Sonzai no Owari
08. Black Metal Rhapsody
- Info -
Jazz, industrial, doom, dark ambient and dungeon synth mixed to generate a unique sound based on improvisation and progressive mood. Something never heard before that bases its roots in black metal to explode into a new style of music Hanormale rises when subconscious becomes reality. Irreverent black metal that disfigure great classics like Queen ‘bohemian rhapsody’ in a satanic way An excessive use could cause mental disruption and otherworldly perceptions. Use with caution!
Licensed from Hanormale. All Right Reserved.