V/A - The Far East Black Metal

Catalog ZDR 064
Format CD (Cmpilation Album)
Release 2019
State Take Free
- Track List -
Cataplexy - Dysastral Paradigm
Charlotte the Harlot - Experiment Report
Combine - Demonic Avian Of Horror
desire of the moth - Remote Region
Ebola - 大神 -Oga-
Ephemeral - Endless Rain
Eredcigiøn - Яɘlɒnoiƨnɘmibllun
Fatal Desolation - The Ruin of Gray
Fra Hedensk Tid - 不浄なる魂
Galga Falmul - Dreaming in the Cursed Fores
Gorugoth - Burg Don
Hurusoma - Grudge (From the Black Forest)
Infernal Necromancy - キスカ
Insanity of Slaughter - A Black Mist of Hatred
Juno Bloodlust - Total Eclipse, Sinister Prophet
Knave - Sloth
Koozar - Zznz Kz Chaos
Le jardin d'Alice - Scarlet Romance
Lifeblood - Agony
Mass Kontrol Genocide - Vertigo
Miasma Death - 海 -Cherished Under the Blue-
Neurosexxx - URBAN
Pure - Ancient Wind
Sungoddess - 蠢動
ungodly - Hollow Reality
Yvonxhe - Necrotomy
Yvonxhe - Multicolored Libricide
言挙げせぬ国 - 1
懺鉄 - Dark Legion
怒号 - 夜と雷鳴
- Info -
"The Far East Black Metal" compilation album consist of twenty-nine Japanese Black Metal bands is completed. Despite being the sub-genre of the bottom layer of the heavy metal genre, There is enthusiastic Maniacs. "Black Metal" what is? Experience the part of the underground black metal sound in this work "The Far East Black Metal" compilation!

Thank you for picking up and listen this Free CD "The Far East Black Metal". This compilation album made by Zero Dimensional Records with a lot of Black Metal Band from part of the Far East Country "JAPAN". We hope that you will meet with bands you are interested and new bands you have not yet seen in from Compilation Album. Also you can download and listen digital album from each streaming service and digital store. Have a great time!