"The Goddess Ov Darkness and Sleep...." "孵 / 海"

Catalog ZDR 063
Format CD (Split Album)
Release July 6th, 2019
State Soon
- Track List -
"The Goddess Ov Darkness and Sleep...."
1. Soul to the Legacy
2. Blaze, The Northern Flame...

Miasma Death
"孵 / 海"
3. 孵 -What sleeps in the shell-
4. 海 -Cherished under the blue-
- Info -
The Melancholic Black Metal Band CATAPLEXY has been active since 1991, bring 2 new beautiful and attractive song with the melancholic melody for the first time in 7 years from the last album. The new-comer / rising star Profound Black Metal Band MIASMA DEATH are making profund sound and a worldview by 2 dragging heavyness old school Black Metal sound. Both band engraving 4 songs to the black metal History.