Abigail - Fucking Louder Than Hell

Catalog ZDR 055
Format CD / LP (Full-length)
Release September 8th, 2018
State Sold Out
- Track List -
01. Satanik Metal Fucking Hell
02. Beer! Metal! Sex!
03. Hell's Necromancer
04. Nuclear Warheads
05. Prophecy of the Evening Star
06. At War
07. Holocaust
08. Evil Dead (NME)
09. Speed Kills (NME)
10. Of Hell (NME)
- Info -
Traditional Kamikaze Heavy Black Metal Hell Roar!!! This is Abigail's 3rd full-length album had been released by only Vinyl format in 2004, CD ver is first released after about 14 years! Old School Metal sound that survived the 90's Here it is!
Also Vinyl version revival again for Maniacs by limited to 200 copies!