Koozar - Koozar / Bangi Vanz Abdul

Catalog ZDR 026
Format CD (Full-length)
Release June 11th, 2014
State Available
- Track List -
01. Kaotaoatoak
02. Zznz Kz Chaos
03. Kaotaoatoak
04. Zznz Kz Chaos
05. Kaotaoatoak
06. Zznz Kz Chaos
07. Kaotaoatoak
- Info -
Legendary Recur.
The Black Metal KOOZER by Kozima of Gorugoth.
Bilateral work with Modern Magic Man of Action "Bangi V. Abdul".
"Chaos Summon" Magic Soundscap, "The illegal pledge" of a scorching harsh noise and jet-black roaring.... and, "Demo 2014" CD-R is attached to 50 copy's of the beginning.